Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers have observed a 600% increase in cyber crime. Further, 87% of organizations experienced at least one attempted exploit of a known vulnerability.

A network security breach can result in extremely difficult circumstances for organizations; lost profits, a tarnished reputation and more. Common network security threats include supply chain attacks, vishing, ransomware, thread hijacking, mobile threats and remote access vulnerabilities.

Network security solutions can help protect your data and client data. They can also improve your network performance and guard against many of the threats mentioned above. Within some industries, network security is a requirement for business operations.

Most organizations leverage a range of cyber security solutions, but network security is often at the center of security frameworks and security infrastructure. How can your organization make the best network security decision possible?

Network security: What to consider

Network security infrastructure solutions should simplify security without compromising network performance. You need network security that not only protects your data, but that can streamline operations and scale with your organization. Ask these questions as you search for a network security provider:

  • Which networks security threats is your organization most vulnerable to?
  • Which regulatory compliance standards does your organization rely on, if any?
  • How is your current network security visibility and monitoring?
  • What are the potential outcomes of a network security attack and how can we proactively address those concerns?
  • How will a new network security product fit with existing architecture or will you opt for a comprehensive consolidated network security solution?

Also, well-designed network security solutions not only keep your organization safe from threats; they lower your overall expenses too. Look for a network security solutions provider that prioritizes a high ROI and a low TCO for enterprises.

Network security: Customer recommendations

While there are a variety of network security solutions vendors, Gartner, G2 and other product review sites indicate that Check Point Software offers premium network security options. Here’s what customers have to say:

“With Check Point I can run a variety of different reports that allow SFPCU to create a single robust monthly security management report. In addition, Check Point has all the necessary tools I need for audit trails during compliance audits.” –Victor To, Director of Network Security, San Francisco Police Credit Union

“Compared to other technologies, Check Point has shown itself to be user-friendly, intuitive, easy to implement and adapts extremely well to different architectures, specifically ours. In our technology architecture, the implementation of Check Point was extremely transparent and fast.” – Victor Oziel Martinez Vazquez, Banregio

In summary

Strong network security protects organizations from unauthorized access, file misuse or manipulation, data loss, financial consequences, reputational damage and so much more. Conducting assessments, carefully considering needs, and exploring product offerings from best-in-class network security providers can help organizations get ahead of network security threats.

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