Email security solutions and best practices

In 2020, the FBI reported that phishing represented a top cyber security threat. Roughly 4% of phishing campaign targets fall victim to a given attack. Although this number may sound trivial, 85% of organizations report that employees have given sensitive information to phishers or social engineers.

In turn, every organization needs to protect people and data from advanced phishing threats. An email security gateway solution is the way to go; installation of an email security solution ranks among email security best practices. Read this brief market guide to gain email security market insights.

What customers say about Avanan

“We love Avanan!” says a mid-market financial services administrator. The product complements the group’s Microsoft Office 365 suite and helps the organization dodge phishing emails that O365 cannot pick up on.

  • “Avanan email security is awesome”—IT Manager
  • “zaps phishing emails”—Administrator
  • “Avanan makes all other email security products seem like they’re decades behind”—IT manager
  • “Highly recommend adding Avanan to your Office 365 email and OneDrive,” – Administrator

Also, be sure to see what the CISO of Franklin College, an liberal arts institution serving thousands of individuals, has to say about Avanan. He gives the product a 10 out of 10. Watch clip here.

The Avanan email security set-up

Avanan catches the advanced attacks that evade default and advanced security tools. Its invisible, multi-layer security enables full-suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions such as Office 365™, G-Suite™, and Slack™. The platform deploys in one click via API to prevent Business Email Compromise and block phishing, malware, data leakage, account takeover, and shadow IT across the enterprise. Avanan replaces the need for multiple tools to secure the entire cloud collaboration suite.

What customers say about the competition

Proofpoint’s email security and protection—fewer stars than Avanan, with 4.5 out of 5.

Proofpoint email protection; available as an on-premise or cloud based solution. The service blocks unwanted, malicious, and impostor emails. It uses granular search capabilities and provides visibility into all messages. Encryption and data loss prevention are available as outbound controls. Continuity capabilities help facilitate business communications, per routine, in the event that an email incident occurs.

Barracuda email security gateway—fewer stars than Avanan and Proofpoint, with 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Barracuda’s email security gateway observes and filters both inbound and outbound email traffic. The security system prevents email-borne threats and reduces the potential for data leaks. Organizations can encrypt messages. Barracuda also enables organizations to leverage the cloud for email spooling, should regular mail servers cease functioning temporarily.

In summary

Avoid email security issues. Email-based threats that slip through systems can lead to ransomware attacks, financial information theft, network disruptions and more. Ensure that your organization takes the important step of implementing a best-in-class email security solution. For further insights pertaining to email security best practices, click here. For more information about Check Point’s Avanan product, click here.