The importance of firewall technologies

Subscribe to our cybersecurity newsletter for the latest information.Firewalls protect devices from cyber attacks. Moreover, firewalls monitor network traffic while identifying and preventing unnecessary network traffic. Firewalls also inhibit malicious software; preventing hacking, spyware and viruses. Without firewalls, organizations remain vulnerable to cyber attackers and cyber security threats.

Several different firewall types exist on the market. Organizations often experience challenges when determining which type to purchase. But, broadly speaking, next-generation firewalls are always the right choice in terms of protecting an organization’s network. Next generation firewalls address advanced cyber security challenges and can help you simplify security.

Types of firewalls…

  • Packet filtering: Data is blocked or permitted based on a small amount of information (e.g. network address) in the header of each packet.
  • Proxy service: Network security system that protects while filtering messages at the application layer.
  • Stateful inspection: Dynamic packet filtering that monitors active connections to determine which network packets to allow through the Firewall.
  • Next generation firewall: Deep packet inspection firewall with application-level inspection.

When purchasing a firewall…

The truth is in customer reviews. Seek out firewalls that have received top customer ratings.

Reviewers on the G2 software review platform have highlighted Check Point as a leader in firewall provisioning, as of fall 2021. Next Generation Firewalls from Check Point are cutting-edge security appliances. Wondering about what current enterprise customers are saying?

  • “Excellent machine with a high performance…”—Administrator in higher education
  • “Best firewall vendor on the market”—Senior project manager
  • “Wonderful service and experience”—Project manager

Customers also appreciate the ease of installing the Check Point next generation firewalls, the product’s efficiency, innovative add-on module options, customization options, and the consolidated, single-pane-of-glass administration component.


Invest in firewall technology that sits at the forefront of technology and security. Obtain a comprehensive threat detection and security management solutions. Seek out features that are easy to use. Look for security appliances with centralized management and that can quickly adapt to the latest threats, significantly improving your enterprise security posture.

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