Subscribe to our cybersecurity newsletter for the latest information.Today’s fast-paced business landscape requires decision-makers to constantly keep up with new tech and to determine how to continue efficiently innovating in a new world. For CISOs, the post-pandemic era means that adaptive, agile solutions are required to support enhanced business resilience and security efforts. As your organization updates, evolves and refines its cyber security and business strategies to sync with new global paradigms, ensure that you have the latest, tech-forward trends, insights, and expert wisdom front-of-mind.

In a new CISO Talk livestream, Check Point’s CMO of Marketing, Peter Alexander, interviews two of Check Point’s newly appointed field CISOs, who discuss adaptive strategies and tools, insights and analytics that can help you develop your business risk mitigation program and proactively eliminate threats.

CISO Talk: Why watch it

Check Point Software’s Field CISOs, Cindi Carter and Pete Nicoletti, bring decades of experience to the CISO conversation. Both individuals are highly accomplished, and have received accolades from prestigious security-focused organizations. Their divergent perspectives complement one another and provide a robust set of ideas, examples and security frameworks to internalize.

The conversation begins with how CISOs have handled pandemic-related challenges in diverse environments. From insights into collaboration between security teams and IT teams developing new work procedures, to hosting live Zoom sessions to educate employees, to building out zero-trust programs, these two CISOs address the volume and breadth of pandemic-related shifts. Get insights into how your organization’s efforts compare, and where you may have lingering gaps in security.

Next, get the inside scoop on what cyber resilience really means for an organization. See how security architects, research and development engineering groups, and security minded folks can work alongside software developers in order to become force multipliers when it comes to cyber security. This is content that you won’t want to miss!

Also, get insights into how CISOs should prioritize resources; see what Cindi and Pete have to say when it comes to the finances of cyber security. And, obtain new perspectives on the eternal question of who the CISO should report to. Should the CISO really report to the CEO?

In summary

Insights from real-world CISOs can help your organization adapt to changing business paradigms. Security is no longer the simple task that it might have been long ago. Compliance alone is no longer enough. As Check Point Field CISO Pete Nicoletti says, that’s “the lowest bar.” Discover how decision-makers and cyber security professionals alike can upgrade policies and practices to brazenly and seamlessly meet modern cyber challenges.

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