The Paschoalotto Financial Services group represents a leading provider of call center and tele-billing services within the Brazilian financial sector. In the disciplines of credit recovery and personnel management, Paschoalotto is an elemental contributor to the value chain.

In addition, Paschoalotto functions as a critical partner to other financial entities. The firm is known for its excellent customer service, its broad swath of new services available, and its capacity to scale existing clients’ services to meet new client needs.

Paschoalotto’s business challenge

The company faced an uphill battle as they attempted to upgrade legacy security infrastructure while maintaining strict security compliance. First of all, the new security solution would need to block the latest threats, prove that it could handle emerging threats, and help the firm adhere to the General Law on Protection of Personal Data (GLPPD).

Secondly, Paschoalotto needed instant scalability that would not impede the growth of the company. Further, the group wanted a single, consolidated cyber security solution. A best-of-breed set of patchwork solutions did not appeal, as previous experience with this set-up led to problems.

Any new security architecture would be put to the test as it supported two different data centers, which in turn served seven different locations. Protection was also needed for the firm’s private cloud. Administrators opted for a single-vendor solution that provided a broad range of integrated capabilities. Ensuring interoperability with a VMware-based private cloud infrastructure remained critical too.

Finally, as the CIO of Paschoalotto explained, the group wanted centralized management of a unified solution. Seeing all operations from a single-pane-of-glass could massively simplify workloads and enable the group to more easily track security progress and produce board-level reports.

Paschoalotto’s cyber security review process

The firm pursued inquiries with several different leading security companies. They asked for teams to compete in a rigorous Proof of Concept (POC). Once the POC was completed, a single vendor appeared as the clear outstanding choice.

“The 16K Firewalls, along with the Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator, CloudGuard Network Security and R80 Security Management, provided a single solution that stood far above the competition,” stated the CIO.

The Maestro hyperscale orchestrator

Given the team’s highly complex infrastructure and intricate security needs, the security team opted for an architecture that offered a maximally secure, flexible approach. The Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator coordinated their series of firewalls. As a result, the group now has near-instantaneous flexibility and scalability across multiple nodes on their network.

Check Point presents the only Hyperscale Network Security Solution with the capacity to scale existing gateways of any size on-demand, supporting more than 50X the original throughput. It can do this within minutes. Modeled on Check Point’s HyperSync technology, Maestro’s N+1 clustering not only protects a firm’s existing investment, but also allows for cloud-level resiliency and high-availability in an on premise security solution.

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