The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformations, leading to new cyber security opportunities and new cyber security challenges. As organizations rapidly transitioned their employees to remote work, network firewalls, cloud security, and mobile device security increased in importance. Incorporating the highest levels of comprehensive security into the business environment became an immediate imperative.

Check Point Software is a global leader in cyber security, providing fifth-generation cyber security solutions across networks, cloud and mobile environments. The company recently received industry leadership recognition across the G2 platform, a peer-to-peer software marketplace that helps 5.5 million people make software decisions each month.

See why Check Point’s customers are so enthusiastic about Check Point’s products. Read on to learn more.

Leadership in Next Generation Firewalls: The G2 review

Check Point’s firewalls extend cutting-edge technologies to organizations around the globe. With seamless customer protection, “Check Point next generation firewalls (NGFWs) are top of the line network security devices that bring a lot to the table and there are a few key features that put Check Point above the other offerings…These features include the intrusion detection and prevention, threat emulation, and threat extraction features,” stated one enterprise customer in a G2 review.

In more condensed statements, customers also say:

  • “Best stable firewall” –IT administrator
  • “Professional service engineers are what sets them apart” –Senior project manager
  • “Clear policy implementation leads to fewer gaps” –Administrator in Financial Services

By providing the most sophisticated threat prevention and a consolidated management, Check Point’s firewall appliances are designed to prevent any cyber attack, reduce complexity and lower costs. Amidst a large pool of competitors, Check Point’s firewalls rank among highly recommended G2 solutions.

Leadership in cloud security: Recommended among G2 solutions

The Check Point CloudGuard platform delivers dynamic, private cloud security within virtual datacenters, halting the lateral movement of threats while consolidating visibility and management across physical and virtual networks. It allows organizations to adopt cloud native security that provides advanced threat prevention for all types of assets and workloads.

Check Point CloudGuard delivers an industry-leading threat catch rate with 100% block rate, 100% malware prevention, 100% exploit resistance, and 0% false positives.

Whether deploying workloads in public cloud, private cloud, or environments relying on Network Function Virtualization (NFV), customers have consistently rated Check Point CloudGuard as a leader with exceptional market presence in the G2 Grid for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms.

Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management (previously called CloudGuard Dome 9) is recognized in the G2 leader quadrant for Cloud Data Security Software. Using Check Point CloudGuard, customers secure all of their assets and workloads in cloud-native environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes. CloudGuard represents a best-in-class and highly recommended solution.

Breach prevention mobile security: Among top G2 solutions

More people are working remotely than ever before and most employees rely on mobile devices in order to facilitate workplace interactions. Check Point’s mobile security provides complete protection for the mobile workforce. Check Point’s mobile offerings are simple to deploy, easy to manage, and seamless to scale.

Mobile security threats can dissolve a business. However, Check Point’s mobile threat prevention products secure all attack vectors and leverage artificial intelligence for enhanced security. Here’s what real-world customers say about Check Point’s SandBlast mobile product:

  • “Sandblast Mobile-A cut above all its competitors out there” –Construction industry administrator
  • “SandBlast Mobile is protection for mobile users”—Network engineer
  • “Great product and great functionality”—System administrator

“As per current COVID-19 situation, all employees are working from home and using personal mobile /tab to access office resources due to that more risk is involved and to mitigate the risk we are using Harmony Mobile solution to protect the devices / data from bad actors,” stated one senior executive.

 Leaders have achieved strong outcomes with Check Point’s mobile solutions. If your enterprise is looking for complete mobile protection, consider Check Point.

In summary: The G2 review and G2 solutions

Check Point’s network, cloud, and mobile security products protect organizations across threat vectors. If you’d like to see what else Check Point’s customers say, visit G2’s website. For more information about Check Point cyber security solutions, click here. Lastly, sign up for the Cyber Talk newsletter here.