In 2020, a huge number of enterprises transitioned data and resources to the cloud. By some estimates, 6 in 10 organizations shifted their workflow in this direction. As of this month, reports indicate that 94% of enterprises worldwide rely on cloud computing.

Manage your cloud security effectively and efficiently. Ensure that your organization retains security software that allows for a high degree of visibility into and control over your cloud. In other words, reassess your cloud security strategy before it’s too late.

Cloud security management refers to a series of strategies designed to help businesses protect their cloud resources. The objective is to enable organizations to leverage these resources while limiting business risk.

Most organizations recognize that cloud security is a shared responsibility. Both the provider and the customer need to take action in order to deliver strong security postures and outcomes.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) represents the most commonly utilized option when it comes to cloud services. When using SaaS products, businesses still remain responsible for the security of the data. In addition, businesses are also on the hook for securing access controls across applications. A watchdog tool, such as a CASB, can be deployed to sit between the cloud service provider and the client. Or look for SaaS solutions that can:

  • Prevent malware and zero day threats from affecting users
  • Prevent phishing via common email clients
  • Block account hijacks
  • Provide instant visibility into unauthorized SaaS activity
  • Protect shared files and sensitive business data

For Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) and for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) applications, organizations commonly need to deploy several additional layers of security. Security strategy becomes more complex. Building, growing, monitoring and managing security in relation to these services requires exploration of the latest trends, contemplation of ideas, a clear understanding of your own enterprises’ needs and robust security resources. Explore our cloud security management resources below:

Cloud security management resources

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In conclusion

Keep your data safe from the most sophisticated of cyber threats. CISOs and cyber security professionals commonly find that fighting cloud threats can be a challenge. However, comprehensive cloud strategies recommended by cloud security architects and experts can help.

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