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Cyber security news, best practices and trends evolve at lightning speed. As everyone knows, bottling lightning is tough. These cyber security newsletters can help you keep up with the latest industry advances. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to bring fresh ideas to the table, excel within your role and to lead as a strong voice within your organization. Plus, this hand-picked selection is authored by experts who provide meaningful metrics and insightful analysis. Check out these top cyber security newsletter recommendations.

  1. SANS Newsletters: SANS provides readers with thousands of free resources about information security training, information security issues and more. If user education is your focus, this newsletter might be for you. Learn more here.
  2. Weekly Cybersecurity from Politico: Involved in international or domestic policy groups? This is a version of Politico Pro’s cyber security policy newsletter, offering policy intelligence information with a cyber security focus. Get info.
  3. US Department of Homeland Security briefings: Fill out their easy online form and get immediate updates, daily digests or weekly digests. You can tell that they care about security due to the construction of the form fill. Sign up here.
  4. CISA-supported newsletters: The National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) monthly bulletins and SAFECOM quarterly newsletters offer insights into new initiatives, CISA updates and public safety interoperability information. Details here.
  5. Cyber Talk C-level Newsletter: If you’re looking for a C-level newsletter, consider the Cyber Talk Newsletter. You’ll be able to leverage Cyber Talk’s wealth of premium content to keep ahead of the latest cyber threats. You’ll also be able to lead with ideas that go beyond the obvious and bring a strong executive-level cyber security voice to your brand. Sign up here.

If cyber security newsletters are too narrow, check out our recommendations around winning tech newsletters. This tightly curated list of tech newsletters can help you learn about the latest international tech initiatives, events, quandaries and professional perspectives. Join any of these newsletter communities to increase your knowledge and to stand out as a technology expert.

  1. Benedict’s Newsletter: This newsletter is produced by Ben Evans, of the venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz. It emerged on the scene in 2013, and includes information about upcoming changes in major industry sectors. You can also access a premium version via paid subscription to get even more in-depth insights. Check it out.
  2. The Download Newsletter: This daily newsletter arrives with the tagline “What’s up in emerging technology?” and it’s created by MIT’s Technology Review. Find coverage of niche academic goings-on, major news headlines, and options to subscribe to specific subtopics, such as blockchain and space tech. Learn more.
  3. Bloomberg Technology’s “Fully Charged” Newsletter: Bloomberg’s experts provide quick summaries pertaining to cutting-edge tech developments. Subscribe here.
  4. On Tech Newsletter: Shira Ovide has covered technology trends for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The style of this newsletter is friendly, informative and smart. It assumes that you already have a strong basic understanding of tech topics. Sign up here.
  5. TechCrunch Newsletters: Understanding the latest innovative concepts in the start-up world can be intriguing, eye-opening, and inspiring, regardless of the role that you hold. Consider signing up for one of the TechCrunch team’s ten different newsletters. Info here.

Cyber security and tech newsletters retain the potential to inform and advance your initiatives, enabling you to meet the challenges of the moment with elegant solutions and clear thought leadership perspectives. As the new normal progresses, fresh business insights are exactly what the doctor called for.

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