More Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts, and amidst the ongoing stay-at-home pandemic lifestyle, more people are listening to podcasts than ever before. In the first half of 2021 alone, humans have spent 15 billion hours listening to podcasts, up from 12 billion hours two short years ago.

Podcasts offer a convenient means of absorbing endless quantities of entertaining and informational content. Listenership first began with headphones and smart phones. Now, smart speakers make consumption even simpler. Business leaders are often enthusiastic listeners.

But there are 30 million podcast episodes created every month.  Which ones should you listen to? How can you cut through the noise and get to the signal?

When it comes to cyber security, listeners nominate the CISO’s Secrets podcast as a top-tier executive-level syndicate. It features lively discussions with top minds who can assist you in developing ideas, achieving new levels of success, and becoming a stronger business leader.

During season 1, the CISO’s Secrets podcast hosted more than 15 bona-fide CISOs and information security thought leaders. Guests included Brian Lozada, CISO at HBO Max, Kurt John, CISO at Siemens, and Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Cybersecurity Director at Google Cloud.

Now in its second season, the podcast continues to deliver valuable content pertaining to real-world scenarios; cloud migrations, network security gaps, data management and intellectual secrets. The episodes drift between epic accounts of professional triumphs and pitfalls, and lively personal anecdotes.

At present, the show’s host is Growth Technologies Evangelist at Check Point Software, Grant Asplund, who is also the host of the Talking Cloud podcasts, and who brings more than 20 years of security expertise to each episode. Asplund asks engaging questions and deftly manages to bring out the best in each guest.

Episode one opens with an introduction to Robin Smith, CISO for the highly regarded luxury sports car brand, Aston Martin. With a storied career, including a role with the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research, Smith offers an amazing level of experience and insight. At the outset, Smith describes philosophies pertaining to data analytics and the freedom that we have through information, knowledge and continued education.

When asked, ‘how do we do a better job of ensuring that information espoused is accurate or truthful [given AI and deepfakes]’? Smith offered thoughtful commentary on information, misinformation, disinformation and how to filter through the digital deluge.

A subsequent component of the conversation delves into the ongoing quandary of how to conceptualize the CISO role, exploring what business leaders should ask and expect of information security professionals. These intellectual questions pertain to any enterprise interested in safeguarding business data.

Effectively managing people, data, assets and security is tough. Finding the sweet spot where everything syncs together is even more of a challenge. Infotainment, such as cyber security podcasts, can become a transformative tool as you move your business towards greater balance and better security. Top-tier podcasts also allow you a convenient means of aggregating and reflecting on ideas, enabling you to bring more value to your business. 

If CISO’s Secrets might just become your next favorite podcast, you can find it right here.