Microsoft 365 users saw emails incorrectly labeled as junk mail on Thursday morning. “We’re investigating an issue in which email is being sent to the junk folder. We’ll be providing updates under EX258373 in the admin center,” reported Microsoft via Twitter.

Roughly sixty minutes later, Microsoft tweeted that the confusion correlated with a change it had made. The issue would be addressed.

“We’re reverting a change that has caused inbound email to be incorrectly routed to the junk folder. Additional information can be found in the admin center under EX258373,” the company tweeted.

“We’ve reverted the change and observed successful email delivery. We’re now reprocessing any emails that were incorrectly delivered as junk. More info can be found in the admin center under EX258373,” stated a subsequent update.

Inconsistencies with Office 365 performance began around 12 hours before. At that point, Microsoft reported investigation of an issue around email forwarding. Users couldn’t forward emails using Exchange Online.

Office 365 concept

“We determined that a recently deployed spam rule is causing impact,” stated Microsoft, on Wednesday evening. “We’ve prepared a fix and are deploying it to the affected infrastructure. For more details, please visit the admin center.” Around midnight, the account deemed the issue resolved.

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