By Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms, Check Point Software

With the emergence of distributed SaaS applications and the need to better support remote workers, the modern data center is rapidly evolving to a hybrid architecture with both on-premises and cloud operations. Data center processing, security, and enterprise networks are becoming virtualized, enabling on-premise scalable IT security architectures that operate like the cloud.

The new hybrid data center architecture leverages the cloud to enable secure applications to be delivered at the network edge to support remote workers with better response times, lower costs and faster time to market.

Sophisticated cyber attacks expanding with larger economic impacts

Security threats have become more frequent and sophisticated as the recent Sunburst Solarwinds supply chain attack showed. The business and economic impacts of cyber attacks are expanding beyond enterprises to cities, states and entire countries. The US Colonial Pipeline attack impacted the fuel supply of the entire US East Coast, causing fuel shortages and price spikes. This is just further confirmation that we are in the midst of a cyber-pandemic. The numbers don’t lie.  As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded in 2020, there was a rapid rise in ransomware attacks. In 2021, attacks in the US alone spiked by 300% in the past nine months. US utilities have been attacked 300 times every week — an increase of 50% in just two months.

Securing the hyperscale hybrid data center and cloud requires automation and AI

To secure your enterprise in the cyber-pandemic age, you need a modern hybrid data center security architecture that leverages cloud, AI-based threat prevention, and automated security policy orchestration. In addition, the performance demands of inspecting encrypted network traffic require hyperscale cloud-like scalability on demand with micro segmentation to prevent east-west attacks.

Remote workers and IoT expand network perimeter and threat landscapes

As vaccination rates rise across the globe and people return to work, a new hybrid workforce has emerged. Given the uncertainty around onsite versus remote work, enterprises need a flexible, scalable network access architecture that implements a zero trust-based Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) design. This provides remote workers secure access to data center and SaaS applications from anywhere, with low latency, decreased costs and a better user experience.

As both the Colonial Pipeline and Verkada IP camera attack showed, everyone with an IoT and OT network and device is vulnerable to attack.  IoT and OT devices can be vulnerable to a range of attacks including botnets, DDoS, crypto mining, and Mirai attacks. It’s estimated that 67% of enterprises and 82% of healthcare organizations have experienced an IoT related security incident.

The modern hybrid data center and network must protect against both IoT and OT attacks. The security system needs to identify any IoT device on the network and assess their risk -preventing unauthorized access to and from IoT and OT devices with zero trust segmentation- and block IoT malicious intents with industry-leading threat prevention security services.

Learn how to transform to hybrid data center by leveraging the cloud

With the challenge of an expanding threat landscape, how do you design a hybrid data center and network security architecture that leverages the cloud to provide performance, agility and scalability without security management complexity?

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