In the US, President Joe Biden proposes billions of dollars for improving cyber security. How much will be spent? The dollar amount remains unknown.

Last week’s ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline Co. generated increased interest in and seriousness around cyber security. As the attack continued, US gasoline prices skyrocketed and businesses dependent on gas, diesel or jet fuel expressed concerns. For the US government, transport and grid defense are emerging as new priorities.

Defining national security, cyber

Biden’s American Jobs Plan, which includes resources for infrastructure development, provides state, local and tribal governments with a total of $20 billion for energy modernization programs. The grid operators must meet new cyber security standards.

In a parallel effort, the administration is working on a $100 billion high-speed broadband access initiative. The goal of this endeavor is to increase high-speed internet access on a national level. Organizations that receive grant funding as part of this initiative must source security from “trusted vendors” and adhere to cyber security requirements.

Biden administration officials state that the American Jobs Plan and the high-speed broadband initiative represent stand-out elements of a larger effort to communicate the importance of cyber security. The US federal government aims to increase focus on cyber security challenges.

“…Biden has made strengthening US cyber security capabilities a top priority,” states a White House fact sheet. On May 12th, Biden penned his signature on an executive order concerning public-private cyber attack intelligence sharing. This order reflects a commitment to enabling the US to identify, respond to and clean-up cyber attacks more quickly than before.

National security action

Biden’s 2022 fiscal budget blueprint offers $2.1 billion to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This number is more than $110 million over what CISA received in federal funding during 2021.

In April, the Biden administration commenced a 100-day marathon to accelerate US industrial control system security initiatives. Going forward, Biden’s administration also intends to examine the security of chemical pipelines, natural gas and water supplies.

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