In order for organizations to function effectively, cyber security is a must. Developing and implementing the right solutions can prevent breaches, both now and in the future. With these ideas at the forefront, the US government announced the launch of a joint cyber center, which will uphold collaborative initiatives involving the Space and Cyber Command Centers in the US.

The announcement surrounding the new cyber center was made during a 2022 fiscal budget hearing with US Strategic Command and Space Command. Commander of US Cyber Command, General James Dickinson shared the news. In a testimony, Dickinson voiced his concerns regarding a rapid influx of cyber threats targeting organizations within American borders.

“We are setting up a joint cyber center within the command as we speak. I also have, as a result of the command standing up, I’ve got five service components provided by each of the services to the combatant command with two of those — my Navy component as well as my Marines component — who are dual-hatted,” noted Dickinson.

Ousting adversaries

Dickinson asserted that cyber security merits new funding in order to achieve superior digital defense. He looks to fund capabilities from cyber battlespace awareness to command and control to deterrent space capabilities.

Nation-state threats

Could nation-states deploy cyber weapons that overwhelm US national security? Dickinson warns that it’s theoretically possible. As a result, America needs to advance abilities to avoid cyber adversaries and adversarial actions.

“We must capitalize on machine learning and artificial intelligence developments to secure our systems, advance our capabilities, and increase the speed of our decision-making process. Accordingly, within our efforts to maintain digital superiority, USSPACECOM is determined to innovate for competitive advantage, evolve cyber operations for an agile and resilient posture, and invest in game-changing technologies. Future years will require additional resources to accomplish all of this, and to ensure the U.S. can adequately address the evolving and expanding cyber threats posed by our strategic competitors and adversaries,” said Dickinson.

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