The world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar, is diving into Android device assembly. Caterpillar’s rugged Android phones are intended for a very specific user group; those engaged in industrial work. However, those who work in the healthcare setting may also benefit.

The company’s latest Android model, the Cat S42 H+, is so durable that you can run it under a faucet or a firehose. You can remove grime with dish soap, or “for extremely tough cleanup jobs, it can even withstand bleach with water.”

The Cat S42 H+ name of the device derives from the “Hygiene Plus” technology that’s embedded within its exterior. The Cat S42 H+ antimicrobial casing prevents any bacterial cells from replicating along the surface of the device.

Extra features

For professionals who are in the field or intensive care units and wear work gloves all day long, the push-to-talk functionality and the SOS call option are a bonus. The 4200 mAh battery may also prove advantageous. Select models may even include built-in FLIR infrared cameras, which can provide thermal imaging in an augmented reality environment.

The phone’s price-point is in the $300 range. The phone itself is slated to emerge on the market during this upcoming summer.

Rugged Android phones

Despite the niche market, Caterpillar isn’t the only company involved in rugged Android phone manufacturing. Previously, Samsung made a ruggedized version of its Galaxy S flagship phones. Presently, Kyocera produces a rugged smartphone with 5G connectivity options. And Blackview offers a 5G rugged smartphone that’s fully equipped with an underwater camera and an 8580 mAh battery.

Rugged phones are more widely used than it may appear at the outset. In 2019, a global report indicated that 30% of rugged phone sales occur in Europe and North America.

Why not just get a phone case? A phone case could ostensibly protect a smartphone from the wear and tear of a hard-hat style day job. But putting a case around a breakable slab of glass could still result in a damaged device.

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