In a recent cyber attack, hackers gained access to over 150,000 IoT-based security cameras. These devices offered hackers real-time glimpses into hospitals, police departments and major tech companies, including Tesla. In addition to live-feed video access, the hackers also obtained stored video footage.

The hackers who conducted the attack allegedly intended to highlight the scale of private surveillance practices. “Pervasive surveillance — whether of our phones, our movements or where we go online  — creates huge new threats to Americans’ security,” states US Senator Ron Wyden.

Congressional representatives and experts alike worry that cyber criminals with ill intent could leverage surveillance system security weaknesses to gain full access into network systems.


The individuals behind the hack appear to hail from “a loose-knit anti-corporate” hacktivist group known as APT-69420. The group’s spokesperson, Till Kottmann, stated that the hack was “non-technical” and not challenging to follow through with.

IoT security

IoT tech represents a growing market and its valuation is expected to surpass 1,400 billion by 2027. For any growing tech market, data security and privacy are key concerns.

Regarding IoT security, 67% of enterprises report past IoT-based security incidents. Ensure that your IoT devices are secure. Consider an IoT security check-up. For additional information securing IoT on your systems, click here.