At the industry-leading cyber security event of the year, CPX 360, industry experts offered inspiring and informative talks about prominent concerns in cyber space, including cloud security. In the digital world, managing your cloud effectively is mission-critical. Research shows that organizations depend on an average of 3.4 public clouds and 3.9 private clouds. As many as 80% of organizations experience cloud security threats over the course of just over a year.

At CPX 360, Head of Engineering for Central US and cloud security expert, Kierk Sanderlin, offered enlightening insights into the world of cloud transformations. His engaging talk is titled Herding Cats in the Cloud: Optimizing Cloud Security and Compliance takes a fun and lighthearted approach to the topic.

As Sanderlin says, our cloud presence is expanding. Organizations are launching more and more apps in the cloud everyday. In that process, we’re starting to lose some level of control. Only a small percentage of companies are actually using multi-cloud management tools and that creates room for confusion and mistakes.

Organizations can regain control through posture management tools. These tools can help address some of the primary concerns that arise as teams move applications to the cloud. In addition, automating compliance and following best practices can also help.

In the talk, Sanderlin describes a cloud application development initiative on behalf of a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider wants to launch a patient portal in the public cloud. The portal needs to give users the ability to create appointments and to collaboratively communicate with healthcare personnel. Curious about how a cloud expert would solve related security conundrums?

Sanderlin has served in the cyber security field for over 20 years and has extensive experience in enterprise security design, implementation and thought leadership. He is also an active presence discussing cyber security risks with local and national media.

Discover why Sanderlin’s talk is titled: Herding Cats in the Cloud…Watch the talk right here.