Attackers are exploiting a series of Apple bugs, and Apple’s new security update is designed to address the issues. The bugs affect iPhone 6s through iPhone12s. They also impact the iPadAir 2 and later along with the iPad mini 4 and later and the iPod touch (7th gen), says the company.

The issues reportedly aren’t minor

The vulnerabilities, extant in WebKit and the iOS kernel, would have permitted arbitrary remote code execution and privilege escalation. The bugs could have enabled hackers to access phones without permission, to access the underlying operating system, and potentially, to access business data on phones.

Information concerning these bugs is very limited, but Apple promises to deliver the details soon.

Have most people been hacked via these exploits?

No. But why take the risk? Install the update.

What else does the Apple update fix?

The release also addresses:

  • Image artifacts in HDR photos taken with the iPhone 12 Pro
  • A fitness widget fumble, where the widget does not display updated Activity data
  • Keyboards that may not pop up in the correct language in Messages
  • A minor issue with the News app in CarPlay
  • The issue of calls being answered from the Lock Screen

The update is optional, right?

Putting off this update could cause problems. Apple urges users to update their devices as soon as possible.

In addition to iPhone and iPad updates, Apple recently released security patches for certain smart watches and for certain Apple TVs. For more information on the Apple vulnerabilities, click here.