In 2020, global losses from cyber crime soared to nearly $1 trillion, worldwide. Increasingly innovative cyber criminal activity pushed organizations to rethink risk mitigation strategies, especially as the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated digital disruptions. Rapid advances in cyber security technologies are empowering enterprises; developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT and more quietly drive significant cyber evolutions.  Nonetheless, organizations must remain on high-alert, especially as we begin 2021.

Join Cyber Talk in shining a spotlight on 10 impactful cyber security pieces from 2020. These can offer insights into what your business should consider in the new year. We encourage you to read each piece.

10. What is Payroll Hacking and How to Fight it? This article describes the staggering profits that hackers walk away with after gaining access to companies’ payroll systems. Find out about how your organization can prevent payroll fraud. Check out the article here.

9. A Surprising Phishing Scheme that Employees Actually Fall for. In this piece, you’ll find descriptions of phishing campaigns that capitalize on employees’ concerns surrounding the coronavirus. Find out about what to be wary of and how to curb coronavirus-related phishing attempts. Learn more here.

8. Defeat Hackers by Using These Two Tricks to Secure your Gmail Account. In some organizations, all employees rely on Google business accounts (now Google Workspace). For hackers, an employee Gmail account is a rich repository of information that can be sold on the dark web. Help improve your employees’ email account security (or your own). Start with the basics, here.

7. A Meaty Credential Stuffing Story: Nando’s Sees Breached Accounts. A beloved fast-casual chicken-dinner chain, Nando’s, suffered a cyber breach. The persons involved managed the feat due to QR code tampering. Does your organization rely on QR codes? This dynamic story is a must read.

6. Micki Boland on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From analyses of AI/ML in malware defense to IoT applications, this interview provides premium insights. Read the interview here.

5.Trisha Paine on Contemporary Cloud Challenges. Forward thinking enterprises face formidable challenges when it comes to cloud security. From complexity, to costs, to automation, this interview provides premium cloud security insights. Read the interview here.

4. IMC CISO David Ulloa on Cyber Security Transitions. Switching tactics and deploying security for a distributed workforce could have presented sizable challenges for this major drayage provider. Their CISO executed a smooth operational transition from a beach. Read the interview here.

3. Quantum Internet: Fast-Forward into the Future. Moving information faster than the speed of light? Find out about what a quantum internet would really look like, and the implications for businesses. Conceptual breakthroughs and a galaxy of unanswered questions make this topic extremely exciting. Read the story here.

2. 2020’s Top Cloud Security Challenges. Nearly 70% of organizations rely on two or more cloud providers, but the agility can come with hidden costs. Get a breakdown of what companies are most concerned about. Details here.

1. Check Point Software’s CISO Jony Fischbein on Transitioning 5K Employees to Remote Work. Earlier in 2020, the pandemic-driven transition to remote work led to unanticipated logistical and security-related challenges. Discover how CISO Jony Fischbein addressed these issues and see his advice for all business leaders. Read the interview here.

What are your cyber security New Year resolutions? Set the stage for cyber security success!