AWS has announced new advancements related to its compute portfolio. As it stands, AWS already maintains more compute instance types than competitors and instances rely on the fastest processors from Intel, the strongest GPU instances from NVIDIA. The company also retains the only Arm-based instances in the cloud that provide consumers with 40% better price performance due to use of AWS-designed AWS Gravitation2 processors.

AWS as best-in-class:

AWS Outposts stands out within the industry, as it allows customers who want to run AWS on-premises to use the same hardware and tools that are used to operate AWS Regions. And the offerings available through AWS Local provide customers with low latency infrastructure in major metro areas without requiring data center usage. The recent AWS announcement highlights the additional options and features that will be available to users.

AWS updates include:

  • Five new instance types for Amazon EC2
  • Two new AWS Outposts SKUs
  • Three new AWS Local Zones in the US

AWS is also set to provide development teams with access to on-demand, cloud-based, macOS, which will speed up processes and lower the costs related to software development for Apple computers and devices. The company is vying to meet the needs of the 28 million developers who create Apple apps.

“Until now, development of these apps for the Apple platform was not possible within the AWS cloud. Many of our customers had to manage their own fleet of Macs for their build processes,” says Dave Brown, AWC EC2 vice president. The new cloud-based development options could be a game changer.

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