In US airports, 40% fewer people stepped through security checkpoints this year as compared to a year ago. Travel has tapered off due to public pleas by health officials for people to stay at home, but tele-gathering plans are a go in many households.  

For entertainment post Thanksgiving dinner, families often gather around TVs to watch a favorite show or a movie. That’s a tradition that you don’t have to forgo this year, as online streaming services have launched ways for everyone to watch together.

Amazon Prime offers the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party option for desktop browsers (Google Chrome or Firefox). You and your group can choose to watch any of the thousands of episodes or movies available on the site. Note: This only works if all viewers can borrow your login credentials or have their own Prime accounts.

Disney+ offers GroupWatch, which also enables groups to watch shows or movies together.

Want to see the streaming options available from everyone’s combined set of services (Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix…etc)? The Reelgood app has a feature that allows you to see what’s available across accounts.

Regardless of how you choose to tele-connect and celebrate the evening online, be sure to test out the platforms and services that you intend to use ahead of show time. Invite your family and friends to test everything out too so that no one experiences any last-minute tech issues.

Keeping company with people you love who just aren’t tech savvy? Enjoy a good conversation on Zoom instead. On November 26th, the Zoom platform is lifting its standard 40 minute time limit on the freemium version.

For more ideas on fun ways to connect with family and friends this Thanksgiving, check out this article from USA Today.