Mattel Inc., the company that produces Hot Wheels, Batman action figures and Barbie dolls, recently experienced a ransomware attack. No sensitive data was lost. The company managed to independently overcome the attack. It’s a rare success story.

Mattel reports that it has suffered no material impact to operations or financial condition.” Typically, ransomware attacks lead to business downtime and flurry of frustrating financial costs.

Straightforward emergency response protocols enabled to company to contain the infection. Mattel’s system’s were down for a brief window, but such an encumbrance amidst a ransomware attack is akin to escaping a car crash with just a few scratches to the paint.

Cyber criminals first targeted Mattel in 2015. That attack involved a spear phishing campaign and an accidental transfer of over $3 million. Since then, Mattel has worked to increase its cyber security measures and protocols.

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