A new piece of legislation, known as Question 1, recently passed into law in the US state of Massachusetts. Prior to this legislation, only vehicle manufacturers could access a car’s advanced telematics data. This data is an important component when it comes to enhancing an automobile’s driver assistance tools. The change could enable third-party mechanics and car owners to uncover various issues with their vehicles.

Public approval of this measure means that, beginning with 2022 models, all vehicle mechanical data must be made available to both car owners and local auto repair shops.

Many are calling this a victory in the push to open up car data. iFixit founder Kyle Wiens tweeted, “This will be the most advanced #RightToRepair law in the world, opening wireless automotive diagnostics and unleashing a world of possible apps.”

Automakers opposed this legislation on the grounds that allowing third parties access to automotive data could present privacy problems and allow criminals access to owners’ data.

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