More than 85% percent of networking executives believe that advanced wireless opportunities, such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6, will transform their organization within the next three years, according to Deloitte. Nearly 80% of those surveyed expect for advanced wireless to reshape their industry as a whole.

As businesses begin to stabilize in the wake of pandemic-related economic downturns, an increasing number of business leaders are focusing on 5G investments. But the reality of next generation wireless is that organizations need a stable security foundation before starting out.

What to know about enterprise 5G adoption, the network and 5G security:

When it comes to implementing 5G at the corporate network level, the shift requires moving away from hardware-based, centralized software to software-defined digital routing. 5G depends on a web of distributed digital networks with a profusion of traffic routing points. As a result, endpoint security will become paramount. Be sure to invest in next-generation endpoint protection that includes behavioral and machine learning technologies.

What to know about 5G software and 5G security:

5G infrastructure is being packaged into software, expanding the cyber attack surface. “Even if it were possible to lock down the software vulnerabilities within the network, the network is being managed by software that can be vulnerable,” reports Brookings.

“An attacker gaining control of the software managing the networks can also control the network.” These security issues are compounded if the software is hosted in a cloud environment. Be sure to manage your cloud security accordingly.

What to know about 5G adoption, DDoS and network take-downs:

More than 60% of survey respondents state that DDos attacks are among their most significant 5G-related concerns. With the rollout of 5G, an increased number of devices are expected to be online, which translates to a larger attack surface. In addition, DDoS threats may grow more volatile than ever, reaching far and wide at an exceptional pace. To mitigate the potential for DDoS threats in the context of 5G, be sure that your DDoS protections can handle the most ferocious of attacks.

The future of 5G:

By 2023, 5G investments are projected to hit $115.7 million per organization. But developing a strong 5G security foundation ahead of implementing 5G technologies is the key to a smooth experience for everyone involved this technological transformation. For more on how to evolve your 5G ecosystem, see this Deloitte 5G piece.