Jenny Boneva has been voted one of the top 50 women in cyber security by SC Magazine, and she runs her own security consultancy. She also currently serves as the VP, Chapter Lead of SheLeadsTech, ISACA Sofia, Bulgaria. “You have to follow your dreams,” she says.

With ISACA, Jenny Boneva is working to advance the knowledge and skillsets of IT professionals worldwide. The most popular program that she assists with is for IT audit certifications. She’s also been influential in promoting the COBIT IT governance framework.

Curious about the difference between COBIT and NIST?

COBIT is based on ISO standards, however, the two frameworks aren’t all that different. COBIT combines the best practices of ISO, NIST and other agencies. COBIT is the summary framework of all-existing frameworks. It is world-recognized because it’s easy to implement and very flexible. You can start with a more limited scope and then you can extend it the following year, if you want to. So it’s extremely useful in that way.

Here’s what Jenny Boneva says on compliance:

In Europe, as GDPR emerged, how to implement it wasn’t clear. “We weren’t sure what would be measured and what the penalties would be.” And the hoops and hurdles for GDPR were extensive.  

And even the regulators weren’t always certain about how certain types of compliance would be ‘proven’.

But over time, this has changed…The expectations are more clear-cut and you can prove that you’re cyber secure. You can be certified against ISO standards for information security and quality assurance, for example.

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