A recent Consumer Reports American Experiences Survey indicates that 80% of Americans believe that a good broadband connection is as critical to daily life as running water or electricity.

However, the US is falling behind when it comes to internet connectivity, and the “digital divide” is threatening to destroy lives. As of March 2020, “most people in 62% of counties across the US did not have the government’s minimum download speed for broadband internet,” writes The Guardian.

One CEO, who shifted to slightly more rural living amidst the pandemic, reports that he and residents of his road were informed that they would be required to pay $48,000 in order to dig a trench and put down a cable.

Without strong internet, running his organization proved Internet cable conceptimmensely more challenging than necessary. Was his organization suffering? It could have easily happened.

“…it shouldn’t have to be like this just to get what has become an essential service in the 21st century,” he states. In this instance, he and his community were fortunate enough to be able to finance a solution to the internet issue, but most communities can’t follow suit.

“We need a comprehensive national strategy and the funding to ensure that the economy that emerges from this moment doesn’t leave large swaths of America behind from the get-go, so that every single family has a real chance to pursue their 21st century American Dream.”

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