Have you ever had an incredible, creative, productive and energetic high performing team, greater than the sum of its parts? Building winning teams is both an art and a science. The exact recipe often feels quite elusive. But now, predictive data and predictive analytics permit leaders to assess a given workload against team dynamics to anticipate whether or not the group will hit a home run. With these types of insights into team dynamics, replicating successful teams becomes easier.

Predictive data and analytics indexing for the workplace relies on a three-step approach.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Gain insights into the manger’s leadership style, thinking, and work style.
  2. Investigate the dynamics between the manager and other personalities in the group.
  3. Recognize inherent team strengths and blindspots, and matching these up against upcoming projects and deadlines.

You’ll want to map out all of this information, and online tools can help. “If you have not yet considered using data in this way, it could help take the mystery out of what makes your high performers win,” says CEO Denise Graziano.

For more information on how to visualize data to create high performing teams, visit chiefexecutive.net. For more information on the unique characteristics of high performing teams, visit Forbes.