The top targets for endpoint attacks:

Is your organization a potential target? In recent months, across the globe, both the education and research sectors have contended with an influx of endpoint related breaches. The characteristics of these attacks run the gamut and vary by geographic locale.

In the US, DDoS attacks appear popular, by hacker standards. For example, a teenager in Florida allegedly perpetrated a DDoS attack against one of the nation’s largest school districts. Europe has recently seen a wave of information disclosure attempts. In Asia, cyber attackers are heavily relying on a combination of DDoS exploits, Remote Code Execution and Information Disclosure threats.

Follow these best practices when it comes to endpoint security:

  1. Minimize your attack surface. When it comes to endpoints, be sure to take complete control of peripherals, applications, network traffic and data. Encrypt all data that’s in motion, at rest, and when it’s in use. Make sure to also enforce corporate policies related to compliance.
  2. Block endpoint attacks with anti-malware security. Ensure that your tools include anti-exploit technology, which can prevent drive-by attacks and can protect your applications. Preventing human error is also essential. To do so, implement a zero-phishing technology that blocks phishing sites, stops credential reuse, and quickly identifies compromised passwords.
  1. Runtime Protection. Anti-ransomware technologies enable you to detect signs of ransomware ahead of an attack. Uncover running mutations of known and unknown malware families by implementing generic rules and behavioral analysis.
  2. Contain and remediate. Contain attacks and limit damage by observing and blocking command and control traffic. Negate the lateral movement of malware by isolating infected machines. You’ll then be able to remediate and sanitize your environment by resuscitating encrypted files, quarantining files, killing processes and managing the full attack chain.

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