Cyber criminals see online learning as an opportunity:

Children are precious, and protecting them in all ways, especially on the internet, is imperative. For cyber criminals, the ubiquity of online learning makes it all too easy to connect with youth.

“These cyber-criminals are targeting the going ‘back to school,” says cyber security expert Mark Ostrowski.

How can you help school children stay safe online?

  • Remind children not to share login credentials.
  • Let them know that posting a meeting link on a site like Facebook is not a good idea.
  • Keep tabs on who your children are engaging with and what sites they’re using when online.
  • For young children, consider logging into your child’s online profile to see exact communication exchanges.

And at the dinner table, talk about cyber security every so often. Children are using “devices that you pay for, on services that you may pay for,” says Ostrowski. Parents are responsible for keeping devices functional and fun to use.

In one US county, the Sheriff’s Office has received 30% more complaints regarding internet-based crimes against children than usual. For more on this story, visit ABC6.