Remote work and the cloud:

As organizations have shifted towards the cloud, the cyber security industry has followed. A rich array of cyber security infrastructure has enabled remote workers to shield their work behind workplace perimeter defenses. The security is sufficiently strong that it mimics the “on-premise” security solutions that we’re used to.

The market for cloud and software-based security tools is projected to grow by 17% by the end of the year. Nonetheless, speculators worry that a permanent adoption of cloud-based infrastructure could lead to excessive spending, and could undermine budget-conscious organizations.

On-prem vs. cloud:

Nearly 75% of organizations anticipate permanently shuttering office doors, keeping at least a handful of employees working from home even after the coronavirus pandemic resolves. For CISOs and CTOs, this may feel like a win. “The nice part about the cloud is you don’t have to go physically install the hardware somewhere,” says one business leader.

Vendors are adapting to new investment paradigms, expanding their offerings. Supporting workplaces anywhere at any time is now a must. On the cloud security side, vendors are providing education surrounding distributed security. How can you distribute your security without losing control?

Informational sessions, such as this one, can help your organization move ahead and meet new goals amidst new challenges.

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