A cyber pandemic could begin at any time, and remains especially worrisome as cyber threats continue to increase in both volume and sophistication. A simple employee error could potentially lead to a vast quantity of local, regional or global damage.

As it stands, 45% of employees who are newly working from home haven’t received any cyber security awareness training. Yet, 84% of US organizations anticipate broader and more permanent remote working opportunities in the future.

Given the unequivocally beneficial aspects of remote work, both now and in the future, be sure to support your employees by sharing cyber security awareness information. Cyber Talk’s new set of employee cyber security guidelines covers:

  • How employees can avoid phishing threats
  • The most effective means of securing video conference calls
  • The importance of multi-factor authentication

And more.

Download our guidelines here and share them with your employees. Empower them with information on cyber security best practices in these uncertain times.

Want additional insights? See this Forbes article by Chris Scanlan, President of the Americas at Check Point Software Technologies.