Nearly 70% of CISOs expect to see a surge of cyber attacks across the next 12 months. Cyber security researchers state that we may see a cyber pandemic in the near future. Businesses are truly at-risk.

How are top-tier CISOs preparing?

“The best CISOs are those involved with transformation and using the current pandemic situation to establish new ideas and strategies.” In recent years, the CISO’s role has shifted from that of an IT-only position to one that includes business enablement and development.

At present, executives are solving a brand new set of problems. Stay-at-home orders and remote work have catalyzed massive organizational shifts. These include:

  • Transitioning infrastructure
  • Rethinking data privacy and storage
  • Reconfiguring budgets
  • Reshaping the internal culture around cyber security

And more.

Old projects have been shelved. Now, more than ever, “CISOs…need to be more like CEOs, believe it or not,” says one expert.

“If the working world changes to the degree that many are predicting, it could mean a sea change in security strategy

This may throw CISOs into unfamiliar territory. As a CISO, attempt to engage with as many groups as possible to understand their needs. Ask questions. Master negotiation skills. Strive for consensus building. Determine what organizational constraints need to be considered in building a strong security roadmap. In taking on more of a leadership role, you’ll be able to take your organization and your career to new heights.

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