Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 71% of IT and security professionals reported an increase in cyber threats. But, nearly 50% of the newly remote workforce hasn’t received cyber security awareness training around cyber hygiene and best practices. Could your newly remote workforce accidentally endanger your organization? A recent report shows just how egregious cyber mistakes can be.

The cyber security errors:

  • 25% of employees have clicked on a phishing link while working
  • 47% of those who clicked on a malicious link stated that they did so while distracted
  • 20% of those surveyed lost clients after sending an email to the wrong person

Cyber security C-level insights:

Empower your employees with education. “It is…unrealistic to expect every employee to spot a scam or make the right cybersecurity decision 100 percent of the time, especially during these uncertain times,” says one CEO, but cyber awareness training can help.

“To prevent simple mistakes from turning into serious incidents, businesses must prioritize cybersecurity at the human layer. This requires understanding individual employees’ behaviors and using that insight to tailor training and policies to make cybersecurity practices truly resonate for each person.”

Gartner research shows that cyber security awareness training for the entirety of an organization’s employees easily justifies the investment. In many cases, online training costs are minimal, just a few dollars per participant.

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