Recently, cloud security threats jumped by 630%. In transitioning workers to remote environments, organizations raced to adopt cloud applications, servers and security. But in an effort to move quickly, organizations may have cut corners, putting out the ‘welcome’ mat for cyber criminals.

Across the past year, 45% of cloud-related cyber security breaches occurred due to the exploitation of cloud apps. In many instances, vulnerable applications went undetected. Human error, in the form of misconfigurations, also heavily contributed to the total tally of cloud breaches. As a result of these oversights, cyber criminals stole more than a billion records. Now, with an increased number of organizations dependent on the cloud, the annual number of records stolen is set to soar.

Protecting your cloud has never been more mission-critical. To detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they’re exploited, ensure that your cyber security system provides you with visibility, so that you can eliminate cloud ‘blind spots’. After all, you cannot protect what you cannot see.

You’ll also want to perform regular risk management exercises to prepare for any unexpected events. With the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all learned to expect the unexpected. In addition, consider adopting zero-trust policies for networks, people, devices, data and workloads.

After the coronavirus pandemic resolves, nearly 60% of organizations plan to continue increasing their cloud services spend. Get started now and stay ahead of the curve. For more in-depth information on how to protect your cloud, click here.