Optiv Security, a leading global security solutions integrator (SSI), provides resources for every type of challenge that clients and prospects face. Their latest published resource focuses on tips to help you assess your network security gateways. The coronavirus pandemic has prompted infrastructure changes of all kinds, and proper network gateway management has never been more important.

Gain new insights into how to optimize your network for your workforce, and how to mitigate security threats. From the cyber security standpoint, your network traffic has surely spiked, and you’ll want to be sure that the hackers aren’t slowing things down, or contributing to your traffic issues.

The new Optiv resource describes:

  1. How you can maximize the potential of your existing gateway.
  2. What to think about in terms of networking configurations and supporting existing infrastructure.
  3. How to assess and manage network gateway risk.
  4. How to evaluate security management platforms.
  5. Best practices in gateway security management.
  6. Cost considerations.

And so much more.

Assessing your network security gateways, drawing accurate conclusions and taking new approaches to better network security gateway management can be tough. This resource can help. Check it out.