It’s no secret—For many reasons, organizations are scaling their cloud infrastructure, along with their cloud security operations. Although these two elements of cyber architecture were traditionally built and managed by individuals with divergent titles (CISO and CTO or CIO, respectively), experts predict an industry-wide shift; it’s likely that a new category of business leaders will emerge.

The cloud’s complexity -from implementation, to management, to security- means that there’s enough involved to warrant organizational restructuring, and the development of new roles and titles.

“Company leaders are already figuring this out- and organizing around it,”

We’re beginning to see this take form. For example, we’re now seeing titles such as ‘Cloud Architect.’ Soon, we may see titles like ‘Multi-Hybrid-Cloud Architect’ or ‘Chief Cloud Architect’.

In some organizations that are adopting cloud resources, the ‘security from the start’ mentality has led to the fusion of the CIO and CISO roles. Both roles are held by the same person.

Last year, nearly four in five organizations experienced a data breach, according to a research report, and new attack vectors are surfacing on a daily basis. Mitigating cloud breaches not only requires keeping up with the latest tech, but also requires keeping up with the latest advances in cloud management techniques.

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