Developers are incentivized to move fast. Nearly 60% of organizations report deploying code as frequently as multiple times a day, with some deploying once a day or every few days. While this level of speed drives business results, it also means that mistakes will be made.

Unlike errors in code, which can be resolved in continuous deployment cycles, security issues present immediate problems, and require immediate resolutions. When they appear, personnel must drop what they’re doing, and attend to the fires, so to speak. This disrupts business’s flow.

Instead, you can try the following:

  • Empower your developers with plug-ins that trigger security and compliance controls during each step of the DevOps process.
  • Automate remediation activities. This reduces security teams’ workloads, enabling them to attend to higher-level initiatives.

Security processes that leave security until the last-minute, or that require extensive post-deployment work on the part of security teams are inefficient and unsustainable.

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