In 1918, when the Spanish flu pandemic swept the globe, computing resources didn’t exist.

If we fast forward 100 years, not only are we fighting a pathogen-based pandemic, we’re also battling an imminent cyber pandemic. Cyber attacks have been rising by nearly 20% every 30 days, and this whirlwind of attacks is only going to continue.

In the last few months, the near overnight transition to cloud-based infrastructure has enabled many organizations to function, and even to continue to thrive, amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, at the same time, the lightning fast digital transformations may mean that security concerns were set aside.

If your organization recently conducted a sweeping digital transformation, could your organization benefit from taking a few minutes to shine a light on cyber security?

To discover:

  • Key tools that can help your organization withstand a major cyber attack
  • Best practices that can mitigate risks and losses
  • Strategies to boost cost-benefit ratios and ROI

Join an exciting webinar, Best Practices During a Cyber Pandemic, on July 1st 2020. The webinar will feature Motorola’s CISO, Richard Rushing, who will unpack prescient perspectives and purposeful cyber security insights. Add this event to your calendar and register for the webinar here, on BrightTalk.