The Zoom communications platform is committed to improving its security systems and privacy features. “We want to make sure every user is happy,” says CEO Eric Yuan.

To that effect, the encryption conversation has continued. Initially, Zoom announced a plan to provide end-to-end encryption for paid users only. A combination of factors prompted the company to change course, and to choose to provide end-to-end encryption for all users. End-to-end encryption testing is slated to begin in July.

This weekend, Zoom expects to roll out their 5.1.1 client and web release. Features include:

  • A web portal security header for meeting settings. Within the web portal, the security header will appear in the meeting settings location. In short, this security header will serve as a dashboard, enabling security related settings to be found in a single location.
  • Updates to Zoom chat. When in a meeting with external contacts, individuals will be able to make their chat features invisible to other meeting participants. Along a similar vein, Zoom users will also be able to prevent external contacts from adding them to chat conversations.
  • Centrally managed virtual backgrounds. This will assist organizations in only permitting the use of ‘approved’ backgrounds, ensuring that employees don’t intentionally or accidentally show any unprofessional images.

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