A ground-breaking research study, facilitated by ESI ThoughtLabs, reveals fascinating new insights into cyber security strategies, infrastructure, investments, outcomes, and overall business impacts.

“This comprehensive study illuminates where we’ve seen success, and where CISOs are falling short. This learning from peers is essential in driving new strategic practices that improve security results,” says Dan Yerushalmi, Chief Customer Officer of a leading cyber security company.

To prevent cyber attacks, CISOs need to continually benchmark their initiatives against industry trends, technological advances and the ever-growing cyber threat landscape. This research study provides easy insights into benchmarks that can help take you and your organization to new heights.

Key research highlights:

  • Breach probabilities run as high as 86%.
  • Research shows that businesses that boost investments in cyber security see an ROI increase of nearly 200%.
  • Investing in people provides the highest ROI.
  • The average cost of attacks per firm was $4.1 million

Obtain comprehensive analyses of: 

  • How cyber security leaders have set up their organizations for success
  • Six best practices that cyber security leaders adopt
  • How the current health crisis is a digital transformation driver, with associated cyber risks

These types of insights can empower you to run a tighter ship, and to successfully keep everything afloat.

“Today’s turbulent environment has underscored the value of… using advanced analytics to assess cyber risks in an interconnected world,” says ESI ThoughtLabs Founder and CEO, Lou Celi.

As a CISO, or security professional, for maximum impact on your organization, take the time to really get in-sync with trends and the latest cyber attack prevention strategies. Acquire new knowledge that will help you make better decisions and improve your ROI. Download this informative e-Book for more information.