The business ecosystem looks entirely different as compared to a mere six months ago. Businesses have rapidly shifted to new models and technologies in an effort to adapt to coronavirus related constraints. CTOs are adjusting as much as anyone.

As a CTO, stay candid with your employees. In a distributed working environment, leading your team towards greater productivity and success requires a humble approach to navigating the new normal.

“At my company, when we were adjusting to the new remote work requirement, we realized not everybody had a laptop. So, we had to relax our policies and let some people take home monitors or desktops,” said one CTO.

To stay productive, it’s not just your willingness to bend the rules, or to implement new or different policies that matters. Consider what other adaptations you could make in order to put deliverables on the fast-track.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Your employees may benefit from new mindsets. Shift towards a “Yes, and..?” model.
  • Depending on your employees’ broadband connections, you may want to consider approving expenses for wireless access cards.
  • Ensure that work isn’t slowed down by a cyber attack. Leverage zero-trust security policies.

With zero-trust, you can:

    • Provide employees with access to the applications that they need
    • Avoid providing unnecessary access
    • Change controls remotely
    • Scale this methodology

The implementation of zero-trust can lead to the continuation of business-as-usual.

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