Organizations are eager to leverage cloud computing resources, and to leave on-prem behind. However, the rush towards cloud adoption means that security may not receive enough attention.

A recent survey of 300 CISOs shows that, in the past 18 months, nearly 80% of organizations have weathered cloud security breaches. Forty-three percent of survey respondents reported contending with a total of 10 breaches or more.

Did your organization recently migrate infrastructure or apps to the cloud? Redirecting web security resources to cloud initiatives can be a challenge.

Here’s what CISOs are most worried about right now:

  • 67% reported concerns about security misconfigurations of production environments
  • 64% listed lack of visibility into access in production environments as a top issue
  • 61% stated that they feared improper IAM and permission configurations

These survey findings align with past investigations into the cloud threats at the top of CISOs’ agendas.

Here’s how CISOs are prioritizing projects:

  • 78% are focused on compliance monitoring
  • 75% are prioritizing authorization and permission management
  • 73% are looking at improving their security configuration management

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