The results are in! Thank you to those of you who participated in the survey about malware. Read this article to compare how your thinking and security best practices around malware align with those of your peers. We asked you:

Can you guess what percentage of computers are currently infected with malware?

A little over half of you, 52%,   believe that 60% of computers are currently infected with malware.  A full 22% of you believe that malware entraps 40% of users and their computers.

In reality, media reports suggest that only 33% of computers are currently infected with malware. Nonetheless, the use of malware is skyrocketing, and new malware strains are proving increasingly challenging to detect via traditional antivirus systems. Awareness is imperative, and advanced protection systems are key.

The chart below offers a full breakdown of the percentage of survey participants who believed malware to exist in 60% of computers vs. 40% of computers vs. 33% of computers, vs. 25% of computers.

Graph pertaining to current number of computers infected with malware

How frequently do you guys assess your malware protection?

Assessing malware protection can prove time consuming, but 60% of you reported assessing malware protections once a month or more.  An incredible 42% reported assessing malware protections at least 1x per week.

Graph showing how frequently professionals assess their malware updates

Are readers concerned with the level of malware protection in their organizations after the Windows 10 vulnerability was revealed in January?

Yes, 58% of respondents reported concern. Additionally, 70% of survey participants believe that, in light of this vulnerability, their organization’s malware protection should be assessed more often. See the graph below for the full set of results.

Graph. On the graph is a question that asks "In light of the Microsoft Windows 10 vulnerability, do you think your organization's malware protection should be assessed more often?' Corresponding data depicted on the chart.

Malware is inflicting damage on organizations worldwide. Prior to the global pandemic, malware was responsible for 66% of all cyber attacks. And these days, employees’ mobile devices can experience ‘unkillable’ malware infections, which can threaten organizational networks.

The right detection and removal systems can help your organization stay protected. Invest in advanced malware threat prevention today. Learn more about securing against malware and more in this expert lecture.