In working through a 90-day plan that’s designed address and enhance its security posture, the the video conferencing company, Zoom, just rolled out Zoom 5.0. This new version of the platform includes AES 256-Bit GCM encryption, a ‘Report a User’ to Zoom feature, enhanced data center information, a minimum password length, cloud recording security and more.

Chief Product Officer of Zoom, Oded Gal, says that he’s “…excited about the [new] Security icon in the meeting menu bar. This takes our security features…and puts them front and center for our meeting hosts. With millions of new users, this will make sure they have instant access to important security controls in their meetings.”

In May, the company intends to move forward with new security defaults for all accounts. Additional plans for the month of May have yet to be announced.

As a user, if you’re on Windows, Android, Linux or Mac, you can upgrade to Zoom’s 5.0 system right now. Manually obtain the download right here.

How can organizations define secure when it comes to Zoom?

Organizations can improve their Zoom security posture by:

  • Using Zoom “waiting rooms”
  • Authenticating users ahead of meetings
  • Disabling participant screen sharing
  • Checking the Zoom blog for updates on a regular basis

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