The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a fivefold increase in the number of cyber threats that they’ve seen since last year. In tandem with this announcement, the organization reported that, last week, 450 active password login credentials belonging to staff members of the WHO were publicly leaked.

An older extranet system was impacted by the release of the login credentials, and WHO is now revising its systems and processes to optimize for security.

“The leaked credentials did not put WHO systems at risk,” according to a World Health Organization press release.

In partnership with the private sector, WHO is currently working to improve the security of its internal systems. It’s also providing education to staff members regarding cyber security threats.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus epidemic, the World Health Organization has donated:

  • 2,566,880 surgical masks
  • 97,295 N95 masks
  • 1,641,900 gloves
  • 184,478 gowns
  • 79,426 face shields
  • 29,873 goggles

And more to those who need personal protective equipment (PPE). Millions of additional pieces of PPE are expected to be distributed by May of this year.

Other WHO initiated strategic efforts to combat the coronavirus are also underway. To help support this global leadership and coordination effort, WHO recently launched The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Cyber criminals are currently attempting to undermine the efficacy of this fundraising initiative by dispersing fraudulent emails that trick people into sending financial support to fake organizations.

To read more about coronavirus related fraud attempts, see this Forbes article.