Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen phenomenal growth in terms of gigabits per second –a measure of data transfer speed- available in a data center. We’ve increased speed by 1000x.

That’s like reducing travel time from New York to London to three seconds. Or, like enabling athletes to run a 100 meter dash in 0.001 seconds.

Today, the internet and cyber security throttle along at breakneck pace, connecting and protecting the world like never before.

In the early days of the internet, the only “hackers” on the web were students from MIT or CalTech trying to deface the rival institution’s website. Now, the term hacker is known by every political leader, every institutional leader, and nearly every youth across every continent.

In 2020, here’s how Check Point’s CEO, Gil Shwed, predicts that hacking will continue to evolve:

  • Cyber crime units will become more organized than ever before.
  • Cloud security risks will grow.
  • Targeted ransomware attacks will increase.
  • Mobile malware threats will intensify.
  • New attack vectors, from 5G to IoT, are sure to attract attention.

The proliferation of attack vectors and attackers really requires that you secure your everything. Ensure that you protect your organization to the fullest extent.

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