Last week, nearly 10 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance, as businesses found themselves unable to sustain operating costs, and employees received layoff notices. Yet, amidst the economic downturn precipitated by the coronavirus, one industry not only continues to hum along, but has genuinely flourished.

As an increasing number of government, academic, and other organizations transition to cloud-based communications, relying on services like Zoom, cyber security is more relevant and in-demand than ever before.

“Most organizations understand that this is one of the very last areas that you can afford to cut back on,” says one industry expert.

Given that cyber threats have seen a 667% rise in recent weeks, any cut backs would be foolish.

“I honestly do not expect any organization to furlough their InfoSec team, [as] that would essentially be inviting the fox into the hen house”

The demand for cyber security services continues outpace the supply of well-trained cyber security professionals available.

Notably, one cyber security company just publicly stated that the it will not pursue any layoffs at this moment in time.

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