Cloud computing has gone mainstream. In 2020, the worldwide cloud services market is expected to reach a valuation of $227.8 billion.

Unfortunately, despite the world’s growing affinity for cloud services, the deployment of proper cloud security controls is often abysmal.

As a result, an increasing number of organizations routinely find themselves contending with cloud breaches that can lead to a loss of intellectual property, class action lawsuits, ruined reputations and more.

Organizations routinely lose control over their cloud resources for the same sets of reasons. These include:

  • Poor budgetary planning. Once the finance department has allocated an IT budget for the year, and once IT investments have been made in on-prem security, personnel often try to dodge the expense of cloud security. This is a mistake. It pays to backtrack with your budget, and stomach the additional spend.
  • Organizations may hold the false impression that on-prem security can translate to the cloud. This leaves people disinterested in seeking out additional cloud security. Explore the offerings of your on-prem solution, learn where it falls short, and invest in additional security applications.
  • Organizations may lack an in-depth understanding of the shared responsibility model in relation to the cloud. Ensure that your IT professionals have read the fine-print, and are clear on their roles in keeping cloud storage servers secure.
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With the average cost of a breach in the US exceeding the multi-million mark, reevaluate and reconsider your cloud security configuration. For more information on implementing cloud security that you can see, manage and trust, read this whitepaper.