In light of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were officially postponed.

But, if you’re a sports and tech enthusiast, the postponement actually presents an exciting opportunity for organizations to make further improvements upon the 5G infrastructure that they intend to showcase at the games.

The 5G upgrades will increase bandwidth for Tokyo’s internet connectivity, making networks faster, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

As a result, companies will be able to highlight different applications for 5G. They’ll test out flying cars (or at least, this is the rumor), and evaluate how robots perform in scanning for security threats across a sea of 8 million humans.

Athletes will be able to experiment with virtual reality systems, augmented reality systems, and mixed reality platforms that let them ‘walk through arenas’ ahead of time, and better understand the sporting environment that they’ll be competing in.

Connections to the network are expected to be smooth and nearly instantaneous. “That’s going to require lots of edge compute power to show those graphics in real time, but also, it’s going to require very little latency,” says one expert.

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