Physicians in Italy are being forced to make impossible choices regarding who to save, and who to let go of, largely due to a shortage of hospital ventilators.

According to recent news reports, only patients under the age of 60 years-old will now receive ventilator assistance.

Nearly 25% of Italy’s population is over the age of 65, and without ventilator support, those who are critically ill may be reduced to gasping for breath, a savage way to exit the world.

Around the globe, hundreds of thousands of well-meaning, intelligent, diligent and resourceful engineers are coming together to help solve the ventilator crisis.

Several open source ventilator projects are underway, and ready for volunteers.

While this type of grassroots, DIY thinking and building represents a “last resort” type of response, we’re there.

For more information on how to get involved, visit Hacker Noon.