More likely than not, you have a high degree of confidence that your team will consistently execute on deliverables and yield high quality results, but occasionally your direct reports will benefit from some guidance.

Silicon Valley executive coach, Kim Scott, recommends taking a ‘radically candid’ approach, where managers challenge reports directly, but also “show that you care personally at the same time.”

It’s a fine line to walk, and if you veer too far in one direction, the dynamics with your employees, or their connections with one another, will skid sideways.

The chart below illustrates what can happen with too much of a ‘no nonsense’ strategy vs. too much tiptoeing around egos and feelings.

This is a chart, showing the different ways that management can veer off track

Image Courtesy of SHRM.

Director of People Operations at LA-based firm, Gem, Madeline Mann stated “We had the caring down…[we could bring that to a conversation easily]…But people had to be convinced that challenging someone directly is [also] a form of caring.”

Numerous studies indicate that nearly 70% of managers sidestep giving negative feedback, and 37% choose not to give critical feedback at all. And although it’s not always necessary to deliver critical feedback, the powerful tools for effectively… Click To Tweet

If you can authentically show compassion while providing direction and support, you’ll earn trust and respect as a leader.

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